Every air conditioning and ventilation system

Cold room - Air Handling Unit - Roof top - Refrigerated area - CMV - Heat pump ...

Innovation : Microbiological maintenance

Fungicidal and bacterial Decontamination of every air conditioning systems.


An exclusive concept to comply with new laws on the QAI and policy of sustainable development:

  • RT 2012- a Bill (n°622) on the maintenance of air conditioning system- new standard (AFNOR) for the cleanliness of the ventilation system
  • Law n°2010-788- July 12th 2010-art 179 on Indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Grenelle environment forum- a regional plan for health and environment

The starting point of the adverse effects on health is poor maintenance of air conditioning system according to l’ADEME. (Agency for environment and energy)

One of the top suppliers of air conditioning system specifies in his manual that badly maintained equipment can consume extra to 30% of electricity.

We bring you energy, sanitary and budgetary management adapted to your long sustainable purchase policy.